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Experience in Design
TCS Advance Ltd have been designing and providing our own software and hardware systems specifically for the leisure industry for over fifteen years, software developed ourselves and completely 'in-house'. Using the latest Microsoft Development Languages we ensure your system is fully compatible with the latest Microsoft Operating systems. All our systems have also been developed with full integration and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and Object Linked Embedding (OLE) facilities to other Microsoft Office Management Software such as MS Word, MS Excel and MS Access.

A System To Last
Most of our client installations last up to (and beyond) 5 years before a major upgrade is required and we invest a lot of time ensuring our systems are updated with new features and facilities on an on-going basis. Often led by customer 'extra feature requests', new functions and facilities we think other customers may find useful are included in our standard software range, and these software upgrades are provided to all 'supported' clients completely free of charge. As well as these regular software update releases, because we design all the software in-house we are able to provide bespoke software design services ensuring that whatever your individual requirements are, TCS Advance will be able to fulfil your exact needs.

Massive Marketing Opportunities
The client management screens are basically the same whichever system you are using - making it quick and easy to learn one system from knowing another. But importantly the market research and client analysis data can be 'departmentalised' i.e. if you are in the box office system then analysis applicable to the Box Office is presented for selection. If you are created a membership then the same applies but this time for the membership system.

Loyalty Gives You The Edge
As a bonus, the integrated Loyalty system gives you the edge over your competitors by attracting clients in the way the big UK retailers do - not only by being able to award returning clients points every time they make a purchase, but more importantly it allows you to track market research data to what clients like to spend their money on. This means not only can you attract future business by allowing regular customers to redeem points against other purchases, but you can actually easily and automatically cross reference market research data to particular purchases. I.e what type of member is likely to be interested in purchasing an event ticket or what type of client makes shop purchases and what type of products do they buy.

Centralised CRM System

TCS Advance's centralised CRM (Customer relationship management) systems give you amazing client sales analysis possibilities across the whole of your services.
All sales from anywhere across your site can be recorded against your client or market research database via an integrated membership (friends) and loyalty system. This makes it very easy to manage sales prospects, and analyse existing client sales statistics, sales patterns and customer preferences.
The central management database brings your sales activities, marketing, and customer service information under one IT umbrella, and with a fully functional PRM (Prospect relationship management) system to help you to find, attract, and win new clients, nurture and retain those your company already has, entice former clients back into the fold, and reduce the costs of marketing and client service.

Audit tracking
A centralised audit system tracks every system task performed, to the user and date and time, making it easy for management to see exactly what's been happening on your system.

our advantages

All our systems are designed and developed completely in-house by our own software designers and programmers, meaning we are a 'one stop shop' when it comes to your system requirements. This also means that we are able to tailor systems to fit your needs exactly, with direct access to our system designers.
Often led by customer 'extra feature requests' new functions and facilities we think other customers may find useful are included in our standard software range.

Let us take the strain.
Years of experience in designing and implementing leisure management solutions give you the opportunity to work with our project specialists to bring you the right system to match your needs exactly.

Business analysis
Let us analyse your current and future business needs bringing forward the best plan possible to help you not only get the system you want now, but give you the flexibility to grow without worrying about your leisure management solution.

Systems implementation
We can address all the factors involved in making sure the system implementation fits in around your business, brining forward your new systems with the least possibly strain.

Our support team
With support services provided 365 days a year, our team are always available to help or provide advice whenever you need it.

Note from our director
Working in this industry for over fifteen years is proving immensely rewarding. Britain holds such a unique place in the world, with so many historic and interesting places to go to, that it's great to part of a business that helps spread the word about all the great attractions people could otherwise miss out on.
I firmly believe that whatever your companies leisure management needs are, we will have the sort of systems you are looking for, to help your business to prosper.

our principles

1. To provide the exact solution to fit your needs.
Where required we are able to tailor particular systems to match your needs exactly.

2. To always be there to help.
365 days a year, whenever you are open, you can rely on us to be available to provide assistance should you need it, including remote login and customer service portal with internet live chat as standard.

3. To provide helpful and friendly assistance.
Whenever you need to contact our support team, we will strive the best assistance possible and you will always hear a friendly voice at TCS Advance.

4. Customers large and small.
We always endeavour to make all customers feel as important as they should feel, however large or small their business is.

5. Continued development.
We are always working on our systems, working to let your business take advantage or all the latest technology available and constantly developing new features and functions - often led by the needs of our client base.

key feature terms

Touch-Screen compatible
Many of TCS Advance systems are designed to be compatible with the latest touch-screen computers, meaning they are very easy and quick to use. Some of the 'flag-ship' products such as Attraction Ticketing and Box Office are ideally suited to this environment and have specifically designed interfaces to get the most of this kind of hardware.

Quick and easy to use interfaces
We know that a lot of visitor attractions business can be seasonal, sometimes with staff who may not have had the opportunity to use IT systems on a regular basis. We always have this in mind when designing all our user interfaces and make each one as easy to use as possible. Speed is also the essence when dealing with any business specifically when dealing with large numbers of visitors in short periods of time. We take all this into account when designing our systems, so you can be sure that you will be using a fast, accurate and user friendly system when purchasing solutions from TCS Advance.

Some of the key features available in TCS Advance software are not included in other 'lesser' products supplied by other leisure management companies and the details are protected from viewing. If you're an existing customer, please use your client login to see these features.

For enquiry customers, please contact our sales department who will be happy to provide these details.