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TCS Advance Sales Prospecting for visitor attractions and leisure businesses.

If you are a sales professional, tracking sales opportunities is an important part of moving closer to your sales goals. This is where the TCS Advance Sales PRM (Prospect relationship management) system comes in, to aid your sales and prospecting in a clear but brilliantly effective way.

Prospective clients are tracked through all the different sales development stages, from 'New Opportunity' through to 'Commitment to Buy' and 'Follow-Up'. Using easy to use sales enquiry and management functions it's possible to create new opportunities, produce 'to do' action lists, and track sales prospects through all the different sales process stages, helping you to entice old customers back and find and attract new clients.

Our advantages

Our systems are designed completely in-house by our own software authors.
Direct access to our system designers is always possible. Often led by customer 'extra feature requests' new functions and facilities we think other customers may find useful are included in our standard software range.

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key features

Using the client prospective sales data it's also possible to run different types of sales projection and forecast graphs and reports. Included with the system is a large selection of pre-formatted (with options to tailor) forms and client letters for each of the sales stages and covering all your different business areas.

The sales prospecting system provides a clear-cut way to track possible sales opportunities in a very clearly defined and managed way. It's a great addition to your business IT system's platform and gives you the best possible opportunity to make your business grow.

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