TCS Advance

since 1996
professional leisure industry solutions

the product

TCS Advance Sales Analysis system for all visitor attractions and leisure companies.

Offering very quick and easy to use user interfaces, the sales analysis system provides a host of sales data reporting and export facilities.

The system comes complete with links to the main Ticketing and Box Office systems providing ticket sales and analytical data in many forms.
Ticket data be analysed in summary or detailed formats, according to many different ticket and performance types.

Group booking and group booking enquiry data can also be analysed in detailed specific format according to your needs, and of course, being TCS we make sure your analysis functions are set up to match those needs.

Our advantages

Our systems are designed completely in-house by our own software authors.
Direct access to our system designers is always possible. Often led by customer 'extra feature requests' new functions and facilities we think other customers may find useful are included in our standard software range.

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key features

A perfect complement to your other TCS Advance systems, the Sales Analysis system integrates fully with the central management sales and marketing database, helping you analyse all your sales exactly as you've always wanted.

Of course a good analysis system wouldn't be complete without a great integrated forecasting tool. The TCS Sales Analysis system allows you to create budgetry forecasts against many different areas of your business, helping you keep track of how your business is doing and what the future currently looks like.

Links to Microsoft Office with Microsoft Excel exporting facilities help you to integrate your analysis reporting and forecasting with your presentations and provides a quick and easy way to present your business sales data.

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