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the product

TCS Advance Market Research system for all visitor attractions and leisure companies.

Brilliant at capturing and analysing market research questionnaire data, this system provides everything you need to manage all your market research analysis requirements.

What this system brings is a very easy way to create and manage any number of your own very detailed market research questionnaires. Using these questionnaires it's possible to build up a more detailed profile of any of your visitors or prospective customers to help to market your business more effectively.

The market research system can be installed standalone or 'plugged in' wherever you have any existing TCS Advance software - enabling you to record market research data whilst making ticket or box office sales, or take group bookings etc.

Our advantages

Our systems are designed completely in-house by our own software authors.
Direct access to our system designers is always possible. Often led by customer 'extra feature requests' new functions and facilities we think other customers may find useful are included in our standard software range.

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key features

Full address or postcode area analysis also gives you a geographical analysis capability to go with your market research answers. This means it's possible to analyse where your customers are visiting from not only to find out where the bulk of your visitors are based, but to allow analysis of how effective your area marketing campaigns are.

An optional internet market research system allows you to record follow-up responses to all of your customers.

The system can also be programmed onto a portable hand-held PDA computer, enabling you to capture market research data whilst on the fly in and around the different areas of your site.

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