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Two great products bringing you
a complete ticketing and box office solution!

product one

TCS Advance Attraction Ticketing
Making up the first half of this complete 'ticketing solution', the TCS Advance attraction ticketing system provides everything your visitor attraction needs to process everyday walk-in visitor ticket sales.

A software and hardware solution to record walk-in visitors, manage any number of ticket types and ticket payment methods, record Gift-Aid and market research data, book Timed/Guided Tours and fulll integration with the TCS Advance Group Booking system (to manage advance groups) and the TCS Advance Membership system (to record member visits).

The TCS Advance Ticketing system is a fast and easy way to record and print walk-in visitor tickets, process and verify advance purchased e-tickets and record membership/loyalty visits.

The Ticketing Touch-Screen computer - makes it incredibly quick and easy to use. Any of the ticket buttons can be set to lead to any number of ticket type 'layers' meaning you can manage any number of visitor tickets over several ticketing screens. Colour coding and promo-offer scanning makes it even easier to find the right ticket or promo-offer.

The TCS Advance Ticketing system provides the perfect way to quickly process your visitors, produce great attraction tickets, do visitor market research analysis and so much more.

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product two

TCS Advance Box Office
Making up the second half of this complete 'ticketing solution', the TCS Advance box office system provides everything your visitor attraction needs to manage advanced event ticket sales and sell web 'E' tickets.

Another great software and hardware solution to provide ticket sales functions for theatre or concert type special events. Whether it's an outdoor (unseated) concert or a reserved seating performance, this box office system allows you to quickly and efficiently manage all ticket sales, print souvenir tickets and if required validate (bar-coded) 'e' tickets on entry.

TCS Advance Box Office is not simply an addition to the TCS Advance range, it's a fully functional theatre/event box office in it's own right. Any number of unreserved or reserved seating events can be managed, along with flexible ticketing price 'matrixes' meaning any number of ticket types for your performances can be managed. Any number of reserved seating plans can also be managed.
A detailed performance management system allows you to create, manage and analyse event performance easily, with multiple options for block-dated or daily timed events.

two great products - one complete solution

If you're looking for a professional and complete ticketing system, these two products provide the perfect solution.